Sartorial knitwear

Sunhouse - designed by Franco Santarini and Simonetta Bocelli, fashion and knitwear designers with years of experience and high-end collaborations with international brands - is a collection of tailored knitwear produced in the Marche region by Eddy Ricami Project, a top tier production compound, an excellence in the production of knitwear that is totally "Made in Italy". The heritage of knitting, in which the designers of the brand were formed and grew over the years has enabled the creation of the brand in its current expression, with a DNA merging the archetypes of classic tailoring with knitwear most innovative techniques for a laid back effect and a feeling of complete freedom.

Designed by:

Franco Santarini
Simonetta Bocelli

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  • Founded in the Marche region in 2014 by Franco Santarini and Simonetta Bocelli, Sunhouse is a specialized knitwear brand driven by a global perspective; a distinct label with a unique vision that elevates the art of waving and the Made in Italy excellence with a sophisticated tailored twist.

    The productive partnership with Eddy Ricami – a leading company in the knitwear segment – guarantees a strictly local supply chain that is managed with passion, dedication and skilled craftsmanship to define a perfect combination of elegance and comfort.

    The expert hands of our master artisans monitor all processes while also capitalizing on state-of-the-art equipment that weaves and heightens pure natural fibers and precious blends.

    The result is a rare symphony of style and savoir-faire, in which each material, starting from merino wool – a signature of the brand – stands out for its lightness, softness and resistance.

  • The dynamic take on colors and the exotic touch of Sunhouse garments derive from shaping ultra-thin yarns that are at once delicate and incredibly compact; these are treated with highest standards of quality and accuracy to reach a homogeneous and sophisticated effect, swinging from deep monochromes to captivating shades and exclusive embellishments.

    Among our most desirable interpretations, the alluring finishes and special customizations truly draw the eye. From tartan to honeycomb, diamond motifs to jacquards, and from intricate inlays to a wide variety of multicolored embroideries, each season discovers high-impact patterns and unexpected textures that embody the pace and taste of contemporary style.

  • Our primary inspiration comes from the soul of the materials itself, from each single thread and from the final yarns in different weights, from an infinite attention to detail, from the grace and concreteness of every meticulous gesture made with a constant focus on millimetric precision.

    The company’s creative heritage features vintage looms that have been restored, reprogrammed and partnered with modern machines to preserve the handmade tradition while unveiling ever-new treatments and renderings season after season.

    The utmost expression of this approach, based on qualified expertise as well as on continuous research and experimentation, lies in the ability to simultaneously work and weave hundreds of threads in different colors.

  • Sunhouse’s art of knitwear blends technology and emotion, flair and inspiration, memory and trends to create distinctive shapes, to play with every hue, and to illustrate exquisite embroideries that illuminate and emphasize the refined feel of our garments.

    This is the extraordinary and beyond-ordinary concept at the heart of Sunhouse: a flawless fusion of classic knitwear archetypes and product innovation, balancing the codes of the past, the understanding of the present and the future in progress.